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I have been sculpting for over 15 years. My sculptures honour the spirit in various cultures, belief systems and every day settings. They are influenced by our collective history in mythology, folklore, culture and spirituality, and aim to celebrate the mystery and sacredness of humanity as the keepers of traditions and customs since the dawn of time.
I use ancient teachings and philosophies to spark my imagination, then imbue my understanding into each piece. I try to honour ancient wisdom and rites of passage using the language of art, so that you can share wishes and symbols of deeper connection with the loved ones in your life. Each piece helps invite specific intentions into our daily routine, and perhaps bring some of that ancient ritual back into our lives.
They tell a story to those interested in learning, and they remind others of their cultural heritage. Each item is made once you order, handcrafted in my home studio in Sydney, Australia, and includes an information flyer to explain its symbolism. Whether you are marking an occasion in your life, or sending a gift to mark an occasion in a friend’s life, you can be sure of a special piece.
Join us as we explore sacred spaces in Japan, and personal devotional spaces around the world. Click below.